About Monument Motorsport

Monument Motorsports was formed in May of 2021. As the motorsport industry in the south Okanagan grew, so did the needs of customers. Monument Motorsports seeks to fill the need of an all-in-one performance stop where the needs of customers can be met. Monument Motorsports aims to deliver a complete package to customers, from performance, to aesthetics to custom fabrication monument motorsports would finish and deliver the entire package to customers, we know the frustration at times that may be caused from moving your projects from shop to shop. We are excited to welcome our customers into our new 6 bay shop in our secured compound! The new location is a fully equipped high performance automotive repair and custom garage.  We have four new Rotary 2 post lifts as well as our new Hunter Engineering 4 post Hawkeye Elite laser alignment system. We are also equipped to handle all of your tire needs with our Hunter tire changing machine and Road Force Elite balancer. But we can’t forget the star of the show! 

From as far as we know, we also own the only mobile all-wheel drive in the Pacific Northwest! We are constantly improving upon existing technology and strive to build unique projects and be the innovators that set the bar for all other shops. We have now outgrown our current location and hope to be in a new building later this year. Neil loves talking to customers and welcomes people stopping in for a tour of the shop. When you walk through the door at Monument Motorsport you are welcomed by our lovely office staff who keeps our office running smoothly as well as help to balance out all the testosterone running wild throughout the shop floor.  All of the staff here at Monument Motorsports would like to thank all of our customers, without you we couldn’t do what we love, so please feel free to say hi at any events you see us at or tag us in your social media for shout outs.