We are excited to welcome our customers into our new 6 bay shop in our secured compound!  The new location is a fully equipped high performance automotive repair and custom garage.  We have three new Rotary 2 post lifts as well as our new Hunter Engineering 4 post Hawkeye Elite laser alignment system. We are also equipped to handle all of you tire needs with our Hunter tire changing machine and Road Force Elite balancer.  But we can’t forget the star of the show!  From as far as we know, we also own the only mobile all-wheel drive in the Pacific Northwest!

If you’re satisfied with the features of your  vehicle’s stock stereo, but either your sound quality is lacking, or you want to let your neighbors listen to music with you, we can give you a simple speaker upgrade or we can do a competition stereo with 10 Amplifiers and more speakers than a KISS concert.  It depends on how much you like your neighbors.  Another useful tool we install at Monument Mobile is radar/laser detectors.

Penticton might be the luckiest city in the Okanagan, we don’t just have 1 lake, but 1 amazing lake conveniently located on either end of town.  There’s no better place to be in the summer, than on the water in the middle of the lake.  Monument Mobile’s Powersports Audio division can give your land or water powersports machines the same treatment as your vehicles, with audio and lighting.

We welcome shop tours and would be more than happy to talk to you about your current or future projects and offer solutions to any of your auto electrical and car audio needs!

The tuning will either make or break your build.  The most carefully planned and executed engine build can be very quickly blown up by badly designed tune.  Here at Monument Motorsports, we have Western Canada’s only mobile all-wheel drive Dyno.  Our Dynamometer is capable of measuring Horsepower and Torque as well as monitoring what your real time air to fuel ratio is.  We work with some of the best tuners in North America for our flash tuning and we also do live dyno tuning a few days a month.

When building an engine for performance, it needs to be able to get the extra fuel it will need when the demand is there. We can help plan your build and make sure you have the correct size fuel pump and injectors to handle what you throw at it. Depending on how much horsepower you are looking to achieve, a standalone fuel management system could be required to take the tuning capabilities beyond the restriction of your car’s stock ECU (computer).

We can help guide you through your entire build process if you are a DIY type of guy, or if you just want it done and don’t really care about the details, we can take you from mild to wild and you can just enjoy the final product. Let our years of experience building and tuning keep your high performance car running as efficiently as it can so you can enjoy all it has to offer. Stop in and chat with us to see how we can assist with your build.

Monument Motorsports was formed when Taylor Atkinson and Neil Sanders were introduced by their mutual friend Phil.  From looking at Phil, you’d never think that he has a metal vert ramp in his backyard, or think that for his last birthday, or that he and a few of his buddies pile into his lowered 60’s VW Bus and hit up all the skateparks in the Okanagan Valley on their BMX’s.

What started as a Mobile Car Audio Shop has transformed into one of the best Dyno Tuning & Performance/Automotive Customization Shops in The Okanagan, and we are just getting started.

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